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Epidemiology studies the occurrence, distribution and effects that diseases have on the residents of Clay County. The program does this through tracking and surveillance, monitoring and investigations of disease conditions that are reported by residents, medical professionals and partners n the community. Disease studies could also be done through analysis and interpretations of health data available on the county's population and through evaluation of programs in the county geared toward promoting the health of citizens.

Services provided by Epidemiology at the Clay County Public Health Center include:

Tuberculosis (TB) Case Management 
Nurse case managers provide one-on-one attention to clients with latent TB infection or TB disease. Clients meet with a nurse case manager on a regular basis during the treatment period to assess the patent’s physical response to the medication and to ensure the medication is taken properly. The treatment period may vary depending on the client’s individual needs, response to treatment, and the physician’s orders. 

Epidemiology monitors the information received through communicable disease reports and provides feedback through data and reports to partners. The information is also used to provide recommendations on a health issue or educate the general public.

Surveillance (Tracking)
The program uses several systems and databases to track and monitor disease occurrences in the county. Examples are the State of Missouri Websurv System, Essence, School Syndromic System, etc.

Epidemiology also makes recommendations to help lessen the burden, contain and/or control and disease occurring in Clay County. 

Data Collection/Analysis/Interpretation/Reporting
Epidemiology helps to fulfill the data needs of the Health Center and its programs. It also helps supports partner needs for data. The program leads the Health Data Assessments and Data Taskforce for the Community Health Assessment. 

Epidemiology supports education of partners and the public through recommendations for disease containment and control, data reports and the Epidemiology Bulletin. 

Communicable Disease
The program receives communicable disease reports from area providers, health care personnel, other local health agencies and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on reportable disease. Reportable diseases are a list of infectious diseases that are mandated by law to be reported to the Clay County Public Health Center.

Reporting Rules for the State of Missouri
This is a postion of the Missouri State Regulation regarding the reporting of communicable diseases and who is required to report. View a full copy of the rules.

Annual Communicable Diseases Summary Report

2014 Annual Report on Communicable Diseases. Clay County Public Health Center

2013 Annual Report on Communicable Diseases. Clay County Public Health Center

Epi Bulletin
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Annual School Syndromic Surveillance Annual Summary Reports

2014-2015 School Syndromic Surveillance Summary Report

2013-2014 School Syndromic Surveillance Summary Report

For more information, contact Dr. Ximena Somoza, section chief of Health Planning and Policy at 816-595-4259, or by email.

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