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Clay County Public Health Center has a strong commitment to work and to serve our medical provider community and has developed this site to provide you with valuable resources and tools for your daily work.

The purpose of these pages is to:

·         Keep you and your staff up-to date on most current conditions, recommendations, policies and issues

·         Help you stay current on the necessary information and recommendations for communicable disease containments within your practice

·         Provide you with access to free, on-line journals publications, resources, and educational material to be shared with your patients and staff


You are welcome to browse throughout our website, as you may find useful information about available trainings, courses, services, emergency response and planning and more.

Epidemiology: The branch of medicine that studies the distribution, causes and control of diseases and conditions that impact the health of the population.



Health Alert Network (HAN)

Measles Case Confirmed in Clay County (May 2014) Measles Case Confirmed - For Healthcare Workers

Clay County Monthly Communicable Disease Data 

Communicable disease data are reported as part of the Epi Bulletin by Epidemiological Week. Click here for a list of all the Epidemiological Weeks for 2013. 

 Annual Communicable Diseases Summary Report

2014 Annual Report on Communicable Diseases. Clay County Public Health Center

2013 Annual Report on Communicable Diseases. Clay County Public Health Center

Epi Bulletin
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Clay County Community Health Assessment Data (click here)

Components of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Community Health Assessments can be found by clicking the title above.  Updates will be added throughout 2013.

Reports and Publications

Reports and publications related to health and health/related issues relevant to Clay County medical providers’ community. 
Health Insurance Status
   • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
   • Free publications online available:
Directory of Open Journal Access. Free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly 
        journals. Browse by topic or area of interest  
PubMed. A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine with over 19 million citations  
         from Medline, life science journals and online books.
Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. The Pink Book: Course 
      textbook. 12th Edition Second Printing (May 2012)

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Bedbugs have become even more of a problem in residential and commercial facilities.  Learn how to protect yourself with these resources:

Click here to review the August 29,2012 CDC press release: Children with neurologic disorders at high risk of death from flu.

Click here
to review the Poison Alert newsletter from the Missouri Poison Center. This message includes information on GI Decontamination (GID) and Poison Safe Practices.

Click here to review key messages for decreased cephalosporin susceptibility for treatment of gonorrhea. 

Click here to download the Missouri Poison Prevention Materials Order Form.

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