According to a report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, students miss more than 51 million school hours per year because of dental problems or related conditions. Dental pain can cause distractions in the classroom, and schoolwork may be less than satisfactory as a result. Toothaches even lead to school absences. Children and teens with healthy mouths have better attendance record, are more attentive in class and are more likely to participate in school-related activities.

Dental Clinic Services

Rodgers Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) offers comprehensive dental clinic services for children and adults in the Northland. The dental clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most private insurances. For the uninsured, fees for dental care are on a sliding scale.

The dental clinic services are located at the Clay County Public Health Center, 800 Haines Drive, Liberty. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 816-413-0662.

Community & School-Based Preventive Programs

Mission: “To provide oral health preventative services to Clay County residents, especially those who are at moderate to high risk for tooth decay.”

For questions, email Karmen Vaughn, RDH, BSDH, or call 816-595-4314.

What We Do

WIC Fluoride Varnish Applications

A registered dental hygienist provides dental education, applies fluoride varnish to preschool and elementary children and helps find a local and affordable dental home. Fees for this service is are as follows:
  • Medicaid insured- No charge for patient
  • Private/non-insured- $14 per fluoride varnish application
Please call a hygienist at 816-595-4241 for WIC Fluoride Varnish appointments. 

We recommend children receive at least 4 fluoride varnish applications before age 6.
Fluoride is also essential for children to properly develop teeth and bones. Check out information about the Science of Fluoride.

Dental Screenings

Currently, a registered dental hygienist screens and educates approximately 80% of Clay County elementary aged children. Follow the links for more information about our program’s screening services: 
We will apply fluoride varnish to children every six months up to the age of five. An evidenced-based clinical recommendation from the American Dental Association Council on Science Affairs (2006) states, “fluoride varnish applied every six months is effective in preventing caries in the primary and permanent dentition of children and adolescents” (page 1154).