Community Development

Looking to the future, community development specialists will work with individual communities to develop Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans. Each city in Clay County has unique needs and strengths, and working from grassroots will be critical in making Clay County a healthy community for all.

Duties of a Community Development Specialist

A community development specialist (CDS) facilitates activities and meetings in communities as a whole, while including all diverse community groups in giving purposeful direction to planning for the future. In the area of public health, the CDS assists in planning for improving the health of the entire community or a specific community group to ensure healthy lifestyle options are available to all residents. The focus is sustainable solutions to long-term population health issues by focusing on long-term initiatives of policy and environmental changes.  

Get Involved in the Initiative(s) Going on in Your Area

Please give the Health Center a call at 816-595-4200 and ask to speak to someone on the CDS team. The team is assigned to different communities, so you will be put in touch with one of the team members working with your community.
Community Development was identified as a strategic priority in CCPHC’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, and the program was officially developed in mid 2013. This new program involved training from organizations such as University of Missouri-Extension, Mid America Regional Council and NACCHO as well as a year-long quality improvement project.

Current Projects

The role of a Community Development Specialist is to collaborate with community partners to identify, strategize and improve health outcomes. Current projects include: