Restaurants & Bars

Guidance for Step 2: July 19 - TBD

  • Taverns/bars shall limit the number of occupants to no more than 50% of building occupancy.
  • All customers and staff are required to wear face masks. Customers can remove them while eating or drinking but must wear a mask when not sitting. Please see the Face Masks and Coverings page for FAQs regarding the mask requirement.
  • Maintain six-foot distance between customer groups. May include blocking off or removing a number of chairs/tables and modifying the waiting area/system.
  • Ask that anyone who is sick does not enter the restaurant or bar.
  • Restaurants are encouraged to continue carryout, delivery and drive-thru methods of serving food and drink. Also, use online or no-touch pay when possible.
  • Staff that present any symptoms of COVID-19 should be allowed to stay home and encouraged to be tested (
  • Updated 7.8.20: All self-service food operations, including buffet-style food service, are not permitted.
  • Self-service drink stations are allowed but must be monitored and cleaned frequently.
  • Maintain the highest levels of health and sanitation, as directed by the Clay County Food Code. This includes frequent handwashing for staff and encouraging the public to wash/sanitize their hands often.
  • Every business and organization has the right to remain closed or operate with additional restrictions, if they so choose, in order to protect staff and customers to the highest degree.
  • Additional guidance can be found through the FDA, CDC and National Restaurant Association. Links can be found at

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