Pet Grooming

Guidance for Step 2: June 1 - TBD

  • Capacity limitations: No more than 50% of a building or room’s occupancy allowed, according to building/fire code.
  • Implement mobile messaging, phone or other system to communicate curbside drop off and pickup that will allow customers to wait in their cars until their session is ready. All instructions for specific requests of your client should be done by phone, not in person during drop off.
  • All equipment used by the groomer should be disinfected between animals.
  • All groomers should wear face masks when socially distancing from others and/or pets is not possible.
  • Any staff that present any symptoms of COVID-19 should be allowed to stay home and encouraged to be tested (
  • Maintain the highest levels of health and sanitation, including frequent hand washing/sanitation.
  • CDC veterinary guidance and pet information:

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