Guidance for All Businesses

Guidance for Step 2: July 5 - TBD

  • Capacity limitations: No more than 50% of a building or room’s occupancy allowed, according to building/fire code. HOWEVER, a business may return to the entity’s authorized building/fire code occupancy provided that the following protocols are implemented and adhered to at all times: All employees or visitors to any indoor public accommodation must wear face coverings in an area or while performing any activity which will necessarily involve close contact or proximity to co-workers or the public while physical distancing standards continue to be applied. These spaces include, but are not limited to, grocery and other retail stores, special events, and public transit. Please see the full order for the list of persons who may be exempt from wearing a face
  • Continue online sales/operations and remote work as much as possible.
  • Non-essential travel for employees should remain on hold.
  • Staff should wear protective gear like masks when interacting with others. Also, staff that present any symptoms of COVID-19 should be allowed to stay home and encouraged to be tested (
  • Ask that anyone who is sick does not enter the building.
  • Encourage visitors to wear face masks/coverings even if remaining at 50% capacity or less.
  • Any possible barriers that can be set up between staff and customers are encouraged.
  • Meetings should be held through video chat or other alternative methods. If an in-person meeting is necessary, keep the number of attendees low in proportion to the room size and practice physical distancing.
  • Physical distancing (six feet) should be maintained whenever possible, including in employee breakrooms.
  • Avoid shared equipment and materials and encourage customers to make non-cash payments.
  • Promote proper hygiene for employees and customers, such as frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Supply alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available. Provide access to hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol at multiple locations, including the building entrance, if possible.
  • Hang proper signage reminding customers to keep six feet apart and to not enter if they are sick. These can be downloaded at in the communications toolkit.
  • Maintain the highest levels of health and sanitation, including frequent hand washing/sanitation for staff and customers. Cleaning and disinfecting guidance from the CDC: 
  • Every business has the right to remain closed or operate with additional restrictions, if they so choose, in order to protect staff and customers to the highest degree.
  • Find additional guidance from the CDC at or through

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1. Guidance for All Businesses
2. Restaurants & Bars
3. Gyms & Fitness Centers
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6. Youth Sports
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8. Faith-Based Groups and Worship Services
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10. Childcare and Day Camps
11. Events & Gatherings (including Weddings & Funerals)
12. Pet Grooming