Events & Gatherings (including Weddings & Funerals)

Guidance for Step 2: July 19 - TBD

Gatherings of 250 or less individuals are allowed at this time. Masks are required for indoor events and recommended for outdoor events. Please see the Face Masks and Coverings page for FAQs regarding the mask requirement.

While it is SAFEST to continue to stay home and limit close contact with others at this time, if you do host an event of less than 250 people, you MUST keep these things in mind:

  • Anyone who has any symptoms of COVID-19 or who is at high-risk of becoming severely ill should not attend the gathering.
  • Take extreme precautions when gathering people from different households, like ensuring six feet apart between groups, frequent handwashing, and implementing no hugging or handshakes. Also, wearing a face covering or mask can drastically reduce the spread COVID-19.
  • If serving food, avoid sharing utensils and condiments and buffet style meals.
  • Hold the event outdoors to prevent close contact.
  • Alternate forms of events, such as virtual or drive-by, are still encouraged in place of in-person events.
  • If someone who was in attendance later tests positive for COVID-19, make sure you know everyone who was at the gathering so that those people can be contacted as part of the contact tracing process.

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