Youth Sports

Guidance for Step 2: July 5 - TBD

  • Face mask exemption: Persons playing a sport, exercising, or using exercise equipment while exerting themselves. Please see the full order for the list of persons who may be exempt from wearing a face covering.
  • Contact Sports
    • Practice or training with no contact is allowed. Controlled practice size is limited to

      stable groups of 25.

    • Full contact practice may resume with stable groups of 25.

    • *Target date for games and tournaments to resume is July 24th.

*Target dates or requirements are subject to change based upon COVID-19 disease rate data as these dates approach.

(If you experience issues viewing the table below, view it on a desktop or within the Clay County Recovery Plan.)

Non-Contact Sports*BasketballVolleyballSoccerFootball & RugbyField and Roller Hockey/LacrosseUltimate Frisbee
Individual or controlled small group trainingAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Controlled clinics and campsAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Controlled practicesAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowedAllowed
Modified rule gamesAllowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed
Modified rule tournamentsAllowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed
Sports for children 5 years or youngerAllowed

*Non-contact sports include swimming, baseball, softball, t-ball, coach pitch, tennis, gymnastics, pickleball, golf, and disc golf

Additional Guidance

  • Follow the cleaning and sanitizing Guidelines for All Businesses
  • Ensure that all player equipment is properly spaced to limit interaction.
  • Coaches, players, parents, and attendees are required to practice responsible social distancing when and where possible, especially in common areas (i.e., dugouts, bleachers, etc.).
  • Limit the use of team-shared equipment. If equipment must be shared, clean and disinfect between use.
  • Individuals participating should wash their hands prior to starting their activities. If a properly-equipped handwashing station is unavailable, hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol must be readily available and used before the activity.
  • Strictly monitor the health of each employee, coach, and player and prohibit any individual with fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 from participating in team activities.
  • Facilities should increase frequency of cleaning and disinfection measures especially in areas of high-traffic, such as restrooms.
  • Practices and games should be scheduled to allow for additional time for teams and attendees to exit the premises before other teams and attendees enter.
  • Must comply with Mass Gathering Guidelines in the most recent Clay County Public Health Order.
  • No shared water coolers. Encourage players to bring their own water bottles or supply individual water bottles.
  • Food or concession sales should follow Restaurant Guidelines.

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