What are the guidelines restaurants, taverns, and bars must follow to ensure safety?
  • All patrons must be seated while eating and/or drinking. Six-foot distancing shall be maintained between different parties, as measured from back of chair to back of chair. This includes booths, which may necessitate closing off every other booth space in certain layouts.
  • Customers and employees of food establishments must wear masks while not actively engaged in consuming food or beverages. This includes waiting to be seated, entering/exiting the establishment, and using restrooms or other facilities in the restaurant.
  • Patrons who are exhibiting symptoms shall not be allowed to dine.
  • Employees who are exhibiting symptoms shall not be allowed to work.
  • Establishments must notify Clay County Public Health Center if any employee or customer is known to have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • All employees are required to wear protective face coverings at all times.
  • All dining surfaces, including tables, chairs and highchairs must be cleaned and sanitized between customers.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces like doors, door handles, service counters, restrooms and waiting areas must be completed at a minimum of every 90 minutes.
  • Patio and outside dining service is allowed with social distancing of six feet between parties; however, no food preparation may take place outside the City-permitted kitchen.
  • Restaurants must adhere to all requirements set forth in the Clay County Food Code, including handwashing frequency, employee health guidelines and proper sanitization of surfaces.
  • Restaurants are encouraged to emphasize carry-out and delivery services, to minimize contact among people.
  • Restaurants are strongly encouraged to maintain a log of all customers who spend more than 10 minutes seated at the establishment. Logs are to be kept for 30 days at the establishment before discarding/deleting. Log records will be kept confidential and will only be used to aid efforts to notify customers and staff about potential COVID-19 exposure.
  • Single-service menus that can be thrown away after one use are encouraged, but if cost-prohibitive, all menus are to be cleaned and sanitized between every customer.

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