Can I be put on a waiting list for a COVID-19 vaccine?
At this time, Clay County Public Health Center is only accepting registration for vaccination from health care workers. The first doses of COVID vaccine will be in limited quantities and will only be available to people who fall within certain categories. 

For everyone else (older adults, high-risk persons, essential workers, general public) you may complete the Clay County Vaccine Interest Form. This will let us know that you wish be vaccinated when it is your turn and we will send you updates and opportunities to be vaccinated.

As we move through the phases of distribution in the coming months, CCPHC will announce the process for registering and receiving vaccination with us through email and on our website and social media channels. We ask that you stay tuned and remain patient as we vaccinate those in Phase 1A. Remember: vaccination may also be available to you through your health care provider, employer or local pharmacies/clinics.

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