Where can I get a vaccine? Who is administering the COVID-19 vaccines?

Phase 1A: Local healthcare organizations that have applied and been approved as vaccine distributors, including hospitals, will be distributing the vaccine to their own employees who choose to receive it. Staff and residents of long-term care, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities will be vaccinated through a state and federal partnership with Walgreens, CVS, and certain independent pharmacies. 

Clay County Public Health Center has enrolled and been approved to distribute COVID-19 vaccine as well. CCPHC will assist in the efforts to vaccinate eligible Clay County healthcare workers not already covered by the previously stated options. Qualifying providers can express their interest in having staff vaccinated by CCPHC by submitting this form. This is not a guarantee your practice/organization will receive the vaccine from CCPHC but will allow us to contact you if supplies and capacity allow.

Later Phases: Those same health care organizations will likely help provide vaccination to other priority groups and the general public once vaccination of their staff is complete. More details about how to make an appointment will be released by those organizations, including the health department, once available.

For those who will be eligible for a vaccine based on their employment, you may receive information on how and when you be vaccinated directly from your employer.

You may choose to check in with your healthcare provider, pharmacy, or employer to inquire if they plan to offer the vaccine when it becomes available.

List of Missouri Vaccinators

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