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1. When will the new emergency order take effect and how long will it be in place?
2. When must I wear a mask? Who is exempt from wearing a mask?
3. Must I wear a mask while working out indoors at a gym?
4. Must I wear a mask while exercising outside?
5. How can I report non-compliance with mask requirements, gathering limits, or other elements of this Emergency Order?
6. Why is the county requiring masks or facial coverings to be worn?
7. I have a disability that prevents me from wearing a mask, what are my options?
8. What are the guidelines restaurants, taverns, and bars must follow to ensure safety?
9. Must patrons be seated while ordering food from takeout establishments?
10. What are general guidelines businesses can follow to keep employees and customers safe?
11. What are guidelines for youth and educational operations?
12. Are masks required for children while playing sports or during recess or PE?
13. Must all employees report to work?
14. I live in Clay County but work in a neighboring city or county. Which guidelines should I follow?