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1. Who is eligible for the incentive program?
2. Who is NOT eligible for an incentive from Clay County Public Health Center?
3. What is the incentive for COVID-19 vaccines?
4. If I received a COVID-19 vaccination(s) before October 5th, can I still get a gift card?
5. If I received a COVID-19 vaccination after October 5th at a different location, can I receive my second dose at CCPHC and be eligible for the $50 gift card?
6. Am I eligible to receive a gift card for my 3rd dose appointment?
7. How do I receive a gift card after my COVID-19 vaccination?
8. Do I have to come to Clay County Public Health Center to receive my gift card?
9. I received my gift card for my COVID-19 vaccination, but I lost it. Can I get a new one?
10. How do I make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination?
11. Can you guarantee a gift card will be available for my second dose?
12. How long will this program last?
13. If I forgot to pick up my gift card or don’t have time to pick it up today can I pick it up another day or another time?
14. Does the gift card expire?
15. How is this program funded? How is the eligibility criteria for this program determined?