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1. Can I get a booster shot of the COVID vaccine?
2. Why should I get vaccinated if I've already had COVID-19?
3. What do I do if I lose my vaccine card?
4. Can I stop wearing a mask and following public health protocols if I am vaccinated?
5. After getting vaccinated, do I still need to quarantine after possible exposures?
6. Can I still catch COVID after being vaccinated? Can I still spread COVID after being vaccinated?
7. After I’ve gotten vaccinated, how long will it take to get immunity?
8. Will I still be protected if I only get one dose? Why is important to get the second dose?
9. Will I have to get vaccinated for COVID-19 every year, like the flu? How long is the vaccine effective at protecting me?
10. If I get symptoms shortly after I’ve been vaccinated, should I get tested?
11. What is community immunity or herd immunity? How many people need to get vaccinated to develop community immunity from COVID-19?
12. Are the vaccines effective against variants?