Environmental Health

COVID-19 Updates

  • We are not currently printing food handler or manager cards at the health center. If your temporary food handler certificate is going to expire before April 1, please call 816-595-4350 and leave a message. 
  • All food handler, food manager and aquatic operator classes are canceled through the end of March. Please call 816-595-4350 to reschedule.
  • Payments: To make a credit card payment over the phone, call 816-595-4350 and leave a message. You may also submit payment through mail, as it will be collected daily.
  • To drop off paperwork at the health center for a food permit, onsite sewage permit, accessory permit, lot split application, or an aquatic venue permit: there is a box located in the corner of the Environmental Health waiting room. This is not a secured box, please do not leave any form of money. If you would like to submit paperwork electronically, call 816-595-4350 and guidance will be given.
  • Water samples should be placed in the box on the desk and will be collected by noon each day.
  • If you need information on any existing onsite system, please call 816-595-4350 and leave a detailed message. 
  • Complaints or concerns: Submit here or call 816-595-4350 and leave a message.
Environmental Health is a critical component of the health and well-being of our community. The Environmental Health Protection Section provides services aimed at assuring that the basic ingredients of a vibrant community - its land, food and recreational waters - are safe and healthy. Programs under the Environmental Health Protection Section designated by county ordinance include:

  • Food Protection
  • Onsite Sewage Disposal
  • Recreational Waters
  • Vector Control
The Clay County Public Health Center also inspects lodging establishments through a participation agreement with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.