COVID-19 Updates

  • All aquatic operator classes are canceled through the end of March. Please call 816-595-4350 to reschedule.
  • Payments: To make a credit card payment over the phone, call 816-595-4350 and leave a message. You may also submit payment through mail, as it will be collected daily.
  • To drop off paperwork at the health center for a food permit, onsite sewage permit, accessory permit, lot split application, or an aquatic venue permit: there is a box located in the corner of the Environmental Health waiting room. This is not a secured box, please do not leave any form of money. If you would like to submit paperwork electronically, call 816-595-4350 and guidance will be given.
  • Complaints or concerns: Submit here or call 816-595-4350 and leave a message.

Environmental Health Protection permits and inspects all swimming pools and spas that are not residential. Typically, these are pools located at hotels, municipalities and community centers, subdivision home associations, hospitals, camps and mobile home parks. Complaints concerning these facilities are also investigated by environmental health specialists. 

Swimming Pools & Spas Documents

Swimming Pool and Spa Inspection Results

Swimming pool and spa inspections are public record and may be viewed by the public. Inspections are available online or by viewing the office file at the Clay County Public Health Center.
  • If you have any questions, or need further information, please contact Environmental Health Protection at 816-595-4350.

Virginia Graeme Baker Act Information

ADA Accessibility for Swimming Pools