Vector Control

Mosquitoes may carry viruses, such as West Nile virus, and be the vector for transmitting these diseases to citizens of Clay County. Standing water is the primary source for mosquitoes to breed.

Homeowner Mosquito Control

The Clay County Public Health Center maintains that the best way to prevent exposure to mosquito-borne diseases is to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas around the home and use insect repellents containing DEET. However, there are times when additional steps may be desirable to control mosquitoes around your home.
  • Citronella Products - Citronella candles and torches reportedly have some mosquito repellent properties, however, citronella plants do not.
  • Electric Bug Zappers - Bug zappers do kill some mosquitoes but mostly kill other types of insects, including beneficial insects.
  • Mosquito Magnets - Mosquito magnets are one of the newer products that have become available. We currently have no reliable data as to the effectiveness of these products. The ones advertised are usually powered by a propane tank to produce carbon dioxide, a mosquito attractant.
  • Biological Larval Control - Over a decade ago, a new product was developed for professionals to use to kill mosquito larvae by the use of a parasitic bacteria. Today, a homeowner's version is available called Mosquito Dunks. The product comes in granules or little donuts that can be thrown into sewage lagoons, ditches, bird baths, ponds or areas of standing water that cannot be eliminated.
  • Adult Mosquito Foggers - Home style mosquito foggers have recently become available. Like larger professional foggers, they spray a fog on insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes.

Mosquito & Other Insect Control Order

The Clay County Public Health Center maintains an order that provides for the Control of Mosquitoes and Other Insects (PDF) on public or private property that may in fact be harmful to health or otherwise a nuisance.

For more information, please call Environmental Health Protection at 816-595-4350.